Indirect International Tax Advisory

The most prevalent indirect taxes in the world are the goods and services tax (GST) and value added tax (VAT) (GST). These impose taxes on consumption, much like the sales tax in the US. Indirect Tax, however, is assessed on the provision of a good or service at every point in the supply chain, unlike US Sales Tax.
For enterprises and not-for-profits that are not familiar with the particular tax laws of any given country, understanding and complying with indirect taxation can be extremely difficult, including applying any deductions and handling cross-border transactions.
The amount of indirect taxes collected globally as a percentage of total tax revenues is rising. Because of this, tax authorities are very active in ensuring compliance with the VAT and GST. Indirect tax responsibilities in operating models and supply chains might result in considerable financial and administrative costs if they are not identified.

The experts at Dedserve’s International Indirect Tax Advisory help multinational organisations of all sizes to understand and negotiate the intricate world of indirect taxation. We collaborate with our clients to make sure their VAT and GST requirements are handled legally and effectively throughout all of their operational nations.

Dedserve, in summary, is constantly working to manage your indirect tax expenses and risks while adhering to local legislation.

Our specific areas of practical advice include:

  • Registrations and cancellations for indirect taxes
  • Requesting refunds of indirect taxes
  • Transactional technical analysis
  • Supply chains that are tax-efficient analysis
  • Reviews of indirect tax compliance
  • Audits and examinations of indirect taxes
  • Duty and taxes on imports and exports