Board Effectiveness Reviews

The highest levels of corporate governance are what today’s shareholders and other stakeholders want from their companies. A thorough examination of your company’s corporate governance architecture is essential given the growing level of public scrutiny.
The efficiency of your board members must be maximised. There have been numerous high-profile instances of corporate governance failing to live up to expectations. However, setting and upholding these standards can be a burden on internal resources. And there are now frequent independent reviews of various governance codes. It needs specialised assistance.
Our skilled and adaptable board advisory teams can serve as your company’s corporate secretariat or as a physical or virtual extension of your internal team. Corporate governance is a specialty of our employees. We can provide solutions aimed at evaluating each board member’s performance while soliciting input on what they believe works and doesn’t.

Through either in-person or virtual interviews, our staff will record this information. Additionally, we will evaluate your company’s policies, practises, terms of reference, and other governance systems in light of the appropriate Companies Act, Corporate Governance Codes, or any other regulatory benchmark that is relevant to your industry and company. Additionally, our teams will offer you tips and guidance on best practices based on the latest research, empowering you to seize more opportunities with confidence.