Compensation & Benefits

HR specialists are aware that a company’s biggest asset is its workforce. However, handling salary and benefits on a global basis is notoriously difficult.
By ensuring that your pay and benefit frameworks are competitive in the market, transparent, and well-communicated to employees, the international compensation and benefits services we offer not only support you in meeting your legal obligations in-country but also ensure that you see a return on investment in your employee reward programmes.

Our offerings for foreign pay and perks include: ​

  • Review of compensation, including pay structure design and salary benchmarking ​
  • Review of employee benefits
  • Assessment of the employee benefits market’s disparity
  • Implementing and managing employee benefits ​
  • Statements of total rewards and communications to employees ​
  • Budget analysis and yearly pay evaluations ​
  • Position benchmarking and job evaluation
  • Review and design of bonus and sales incentive plans, Review and formulation of long-term incentive plans, Design of the incentive system