With confidence, deliver global payroll

Payroll management on an international scale necessitates extensive knowledge and local market expertise.

Organizations may find it challenging and complicated to get it right. That intricacy is removed by Dedserve global payroll services.

Find out how we can make your payroll more simple. Nothing obliges.

What Dedserve contributes is listed below.


We have payroll specialists all throughout the world. All the difference is made by local knowledge.


Our skills and knowledge will increase payroll accuracy, resulting in fewer errors that can result in compliance issues.


Your international staff members should always receive their wages on schedule. We see to it that it does.


We provide a middleware system that runs in the cloud and automates and tightly controls global payroll. Payroll management becomes more effective while mistakes are decreased.


With top HCM systems, Dedserve global payroll services integrate without a hitch. We eliminate the friction to simplify payroll administration.

Consolidate local payroll activities to improve your worldwide payroll.

Work with a single solution over your full footprint to eliminate the need for several information requests and source upgrades.
Make sure you have a single, secure payroll platform, a single procedure, and maybe even a payroll team that is only focused on you.
Get a comprehensive perspective and strategy for managing your foreign payroll so you can do so with confidence.
Combine cutting-edge API technology with regional payroll specialists who are based in the regions in where you operate

Your payroll system should adapt to the way your business changes.

We make it even simpler to modify your payroll as your business evolves or expands. We may create a fresh payroll for each new nation you grow into.

There’s no need to look for a new payroll company. Simply use Dedserve Global Payroll Services, and we’ll swiftly and efficiently set up the new market for you.

We can offer guidance on the nation you are expanding into thanks to our local payroll expertise, ensuring you maintain compliance.
No matter how your business expands or develops, our scalable platform and our jurisdictional experience give you a payroll administration solution that will save your organisation time, lower operating costs, and increase accuracy and compliance.

With confidence, deliver global payroll

Your payroll department

The payroll office at Vistra makes use of our payroll system, which is supported by our devoted and experienced professionals. You obtain your own payroll department without appointing and keeping internal personnel.
We provide the specialised support and guidance that gives growing international companies peace of mind.

With confidence, deliver global payroll

Our payroll software

Our payroll technology option gives your business total control over your payroll procedures while also giving you access to our cutting-edge, secure technology platform.
Discover how our payroll platform enables you to manage all of your global payroll operations in an one location.