Securitisation Administration

We at Dedserve provide issuers, lenders, and investors with a variety of services. We have dramatically increased our market share in recent years and are currently among the biggest, independent service providers in this sector on a global scale.

We’ve established a global network encompassing the principal financial hubs of the world, backed by a group of 200 dedicated capital markets experts. As a result, we are able to service capital market issuers and investors from Ireland to India, Singapore, and Hong Kong with smooth, one-stop customised solutions.
You may more easily access specialised capital markets knowledge and skills around-the-clock thanks to the combination of our local market expertise in these areas and our global experience.
As the securitization administrator, we can offer impartial third-party services to investors in structured financing arrangements such as the original lender of loans, securitization SPVs, and credit rating agencies. Our offerings include tax compliance, waterfall computation, payout and monitoring activities, account maintenance, and statutory filings.