Capital markets services

Due to the demands of multijurisdictional transactions and the rapid evolution of the underlying assets, structured finance and loan market transactions can be difficult. Using both our local expertise and our worldwide knowledge, we customise our answer to your unique demands.

Making your capital markets transactions happen

The experience, knowledge, and worldwide presence of your corporate service partner are crucial for the effective execution of a structured finance transaction in today’s fast-moving international capital markets. A staff that is aware of changing demands, ensures that transactions adhere to all legal and regulatory standards, is always compliant, and serves as a reliable advisor.

Our team of international experts will customise our solutions to your needs, streamlining procedures so that your transaction completes without a hitch.

Results built on trust

Your opportunity. Delivered your way.

The capital markets move swiftly, so you'll probably want to close a deal as soon as possible. Our international group of professionals is aware of the difficulties involved and will quickly provide solutions that are specifically designed to meet your particular needs.

Global service. Local knowledge.

Deals are becoming more complex since they frequently include numerous jurisdictions and are conducted on a worldwide scale. You can trust Vistra to take care of you because our professionals are spread out over the world and have both local and international knowledge.

Powerful systems. People you trust.

Technology and data are crucial in the capital markets. We will provide adaptable solutions for your precise needs by combining the most recent apps, tried-and-true technology, and an agile workforce.

Technology. Delivered.

The buyer, legal counsel, and other advisers have access to all the information they require at their fingertips thanks to our innovative Global Compliance App software platform, which lowers complexity and boosts efficiency.

Reach. Further.

We have local presence in more than 45 of the 100 countries where we can assist you with execution. Wherever opportunities present themselves, our professionals have the knowledge to guide you through them.

And much more.

We offer a variety of services that are all suited to your needs to assist you at every level of the M&A transaction process.