Technology & Intellectual Property

If you own a technology company, your most valuable and noticeable assets will be technological innovations that you have successfully commercialised using your intellectual property (IP). Businesses benefit from having a defined IP strategy to ensure that their intellectual property is discovered, safeguarded, and commercialised in order to maximise their return on investment and keep their competitive advantage.
By offering guidance on suitable IP protections, assisting with transactional due diligence on particular technologies, and creating IP agreements, including licences, our team of technology and IP specialists collaborate to bring our multijurisdictional technical experience. For start-ups to multinational tech companies, we also frequently create and negotiate agreements for software as a service (SaaS), hardware, and intellectual property (IP) rights.
From a data protection perspective, we will collaborate with you to create a GDPR compliance framework with the proper organisational and technical safeguards in place. We want to help your business and cyber security needs by giving you the best guidance and real-world solutions.
To ensure that your intangible assets are safeguarded and providing you with tangible value, we can also teach your internal personnel on legal and regulatory compliance problems like privacy legislation, information security, and data ethics.
We can therefore assist if you’re a technology firm trying to develop a set of SaaS contracts or a huge corporate organisation in need of a strategy around data, IP, and compliance. The same holds true for assistance with data-related problems like usage rights and compliance.