Securitisation / CLO Trustee

It becomes crucial for financial institutions to safeguard the interests of their own investors when they issue securities made from loans and other income-generating assets and sell them to investors.

At Dedserve, we offer impartial third-party services to investors in credit rating agencies as well as the original lenders of loans, SPVs, and trusts that are being securitized.

We play a crucial role in assisting in safeguarding the interests of your investors by serving as trustee in securitization transactions. Among our many responsibilities is overseeing compliance with regard to the securitization of the trust.

When managing collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), Dedserve can take precautionary measures such as keeping an eye on covenants to spot early signs of default, engaging with investors, and working with outside legal counsel to enforce security or take other legal action.

We also oversee the entire default management procedure as an impartial agency, and if any assets are liquidated, we disperse the profits.