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Any business’s expansion plan must include the formation of additional businesses or legal entities. As a result, you require a trustworthy partner with experience. That associate is Dedserve. As a recognised expert in the field, we have over 35 years of experience forming cross-border corporations in all significant onshore, mid-shore, and offshore jurisdictions. We help more than 25,000 firms around the world incorporate each year by working with both new and existing clients and their professional advisors.

Every company formation is set up effectively and correctly from the outset thanks to our practical experience and in-depth local knowledge. We assist you in maintaining the current situation as well.

Elena Dimitriou Law

  • A recognised leader in business forms for over 35 years
  • A reputable supplier to business secretarial, accounting, and legal professionals
  • An international business with a renowned reputation for effectiveness and compliance

Why choose Dedserve’s company formation services

A trustworthy partner

High performance and value are prioritised in our corporate culture. We are dedicated to doing things correctly the first time and maintaining them that way while serving our clients with the utmost respect.

Dedicated assistance

Our expertise has been trusted by thousands of clients. Each customer receives continuing counsel from our committed relationship teams, who also keep them updated on any regulatory changes as soon as they become necessary.

Reliable Service

To guarantee that our customers receive the greatest service, we consistently invest in our processes, people, and technology. We maintain efficiency, from company creation to continuous renewals and compliance inspections.

Local knowledge

Our local teams, which include company secretaries, attorneys, and paralegals, have a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations there and maintain close ties with the government to guarantee that our clients keep ahead of any changes to the law.

You have control with our technologies.

Customers may manage their companies from anywhere in the globe thanks to our specialised online site for incorporations in all significant foreign jurisdictions, including the UK, BVI, Cayman Islands, and Seychelles.
Our portals offer a number of important advantages, including name checks, online renewals and payments, Economic Substance filings, access to and ordering of technical documentation and certificates whenever clients need them, and secure 24-hour access.

Our company formation services

Set up a company

With highly qualified personnel and licences in all significant jurisdictions, we can provide a variety of business creation services, including:

Ongoing support

We offer a variety of services to maintain an entity once it is established, allowing clients to concentrate on their core business. These services range from post-incorporation technical support to continuous renewal and maintenance services.