Employee Status

Do you have employees? What about business owners? Or advisers? If the answer is yes, you must understand the differences between these and how their legal differences differ. Additionally, you must be aware of the contractual, legal, and tax dangers that erroneous status determinations provide to your organisation.

Additionally, because the situation is constantly shifting, it’s critical to comprehend the most recent ideas regarding legislation and best practices.

We also offer advice to independent contractors with ongoing service to one employer, self-employed individuals and consultant businesses, and, in cases where a particular industry or business is vulnerable or unstable, we offer a helpline for advice. This information helps people understand the risks and opportunities associated with their jobs.
Our team of legal professionals routinely provides businesses with advice on the status and composition of its personnel, stressing both the financial benefits and potential risks. Our services range from comprehensive workforce audits to recommendations about the status of specific workers, contractors, and employees. Additionally, we offer corporate advice on how local legislative changes will affect workers’ rights and labour legislation.