You can find yourself abruptly removed from the action when your operations expand in scope and success. Your focus has shifted from doing what you do best, which is recognising and seizing fresh possibilities, to working on the ship’s mechanical systems rather than keeping your eyes set on the horizon. That can be a very confusing, annoying, and protracted experience.

Why not assign that task to an administrator who has the necessary skills to complete it quickly? Dedserve provides a wide variety of administrative services.

Assets and securities. The administration of securitization, collateral and CLOs, loans, P2P platforms, and employee stock ownership plans is a specialty of our knowledgeable team of capital market experts. Additional services that we provide include investor services, middle office for hedge funds, property management, and administration for the maritime and aviation industries.
Trustee and agency services. We can manage your investor services, serve as your REIT or Note & Security trustees, or function as your issuing, calculation, or payment agency. The tasks at hand can be extremely technical. Giving it to someone else reduces your workload and keeps you out of potentially complicated situations. Additionally, it may make sense in terms of corporate governance.