Workforce Restructuring Advice

The human factor is crucial in any business purchase, sale, or restructure and must be handled with care and in accordance with the law. But it must also be profitable for you commercially.
dedserve can assist you in assessing your risk with reference to restructures. If it is decided that the firm must close, we will work with you to do so in a way that ensures those difficult decisions are made at the appropriate time and in line with the relevant law. We will work with you to assist maintain the financial health of the business.
To help you with the legal aspects of any purchase, sale, merger, reorganisation, or restructure involving people, we have teams of legal professionals available. You can use this guidance to help with expenses and synergies both before and after a change.
As you engage with your staff about any change, we may also offer advice and support. Also, if necessary, put your evacuation strategies into action. Additionally, we will assist you throughout the process by offering guidance and responding to any questions you may have about the procedure, employee rights, timelines, and implementation.

A tribunal asserts

While we will make every effort to shield you from claims, it’s probable that you will eventually have to deal with one. We provide cost-effective and commercially focused counsel to support you as a business since we are aware of the difficulties you will face when fighting an employment tribunal. Please click here for additional information on our pricing.