Family Governance

For a family to grow and survive over the long run, how it interacts after an intergenerational wealth transfer will be crucial. Rapid change in a highly competitive economy and the dispersion of family members around the world, each following their own hopes and aims, have created many new obstacles for families. Fragmentation is less likely when family members cooperate within a set framework.
Investment in governance is necessary to maintain this coherence. This includes choosing the basic values to uphold, the essential concepts that should guide future strategy, and developing a decision-making framework that is agile and proactive while giving all family members a voice. Identifying the right methods for involving the next generation is very crucial.

Our knowledgeable experts can assist you with: ​

  • Determine the guiding beliefs and concepts that guide the use of your riches. ​
  • Together with family members and advisors, create a family charter or constitution.
  • Make sure that principles are incorporated into the ownership and succession-planning structures’ decision-making frameworks. ​
  • Make arrangements for all family members to participate in the business. ​
  • Start a regimen of ongoing monitoring.