Any operation depends on its people. However, managing a global workforce is a very complicated process; you can’t just apply a set of HR standards everywhere and expect them to succeed. Every jurisdiction has various laws governing the hiring of employees, the control of their working hours, benefits, and inescapable terminations. Additionally, this image is ever-changing.
However, your business isn’t doing nothing. After a merger, you might start sending employees all over the world, hire new teams in foreign locations, or fire employees as part of a future restructure. It’s all too easy to make mistakes that could have major consequences for your company and cause stress for the people involved.

At Dedserve, our committed HR specialists can be the one reliable partner you need to relieve your load. Our goal is to reduce risk for your HR executives and their C-suite teams. We provide a full range of managed HR services, serving as an extension of your HR team and assisting in managing the entire employee lifecycle in a way that is compliant with local laws. Examples of these services include contract drafting, benefit review, and compliant and competitive employee mobility management. ​

With our assistance, you may create and keep up a global HR programme that is customised for each jurisdiction. Best of all, following our suggestions is simple. Therefore, not only will your HR risks be reduced, but you’ll also be able to identify, hire, and take care of the best candidates.