Entity Restructuring

The management of large corporate groups, as well as the group firms inside them, may come to feel unnecessarily burdened. Therefore, by rationalising your group structure, you can lower expenses, free up management time, enhance group cash flow, match the corporate structure with group activities, and maintain and raise the bar for corporate governance.
There are several places where you could want to tweak things. After an acquisition, after a buy-and-build phase, in advance of a refinance or investment, redomiciliation or demerger, or in the wake of one of these events. You might want to restructure to reduce risk or handle a recognised issue, for instance by ringfencing toxic liabilities or assets. It could be done to comply with evolving legislation or regulations or corporate governance needs.
Whatever your reason for wanting to change, we can work with you to make it happen.
You may explore, analyse, plan, and implement improvements with the aid of our professionals. And we’ll provide you guidance at every turn. Contact one of our experts to discuss group rationalisation if you’re thinking about it in any way.