Protecting one’s wealth for both present and future generations is one of the primary issues faced by everyone who has money. But because long-term plans are so complex, figuring out how to proceed can be difficult and unpleasant. Laws change between jurisdictions, and various vehicles offer various advantages and legal ramifications. Happiness can result from acquiring riches, but you need the proper frameworks in place to properly take use of it. ​

When it comes to structuring, developing, and protecting wealth, Dedserve offers a wide range of advisory services, whether you’re trying to expand the family business into new markets or want to carefully prepare the succession of your organisation. That includes the potentially complicated domain of family governance, where the shifting global competitive landscape may make it difficult for money to be passed down down the generations. ​

You can be looking to increase liquidity, diversify your holdings, or expose yourself to various asset classes. You might choose to use your fortune to invest in boats, planes, or to make a difference through philanthropy—each of which can lead to a complex web of decisions and ramifications.
Because each client’s unique circumstances are unique, we take the time to understand your specific needs and goals for the future. We then work with teams of trusted specialists to provide you with assurance about the future of your wealth, allowing you and your family to completely enjoy it.