Complex & Executive Service Contracts

Do all of your employees have a documented employment contract? If not, legislative default governs how they are employed. You must agree on your own contract with your workers if you want to have control over how your company handles matters like staff holidays, absences, and performance management and you want uniform conditions for all of your employees.
Furthermore, it’s crucial to understand that you have control over how your senior employees and directors use this information both while they are employed by your company and after they depart. This is because they frequently have access to crucial and useful information about it. For top employees and directors, we can create customised restrictive covenants and offer advice on what terms are most likely to be upheld.
The creation of senior employment contracts for key employees, directors’ service agreements, which outline the statutory obligations of directors along with any employment responsibilities they assume, letters of appointment for non-executive directors outlining the details of their engagement with the company, and consultancy agreements are all included in our range of services.
To create a custom contract that meets your objectives, we will work with you to fully comprehend your expectations, what has been agreed upon, and what each individual is actually doing.