Fund managers eventually feel the need to make personnel and technological investments to help the middle office operation. But these investments have drawbacks as well; they are difficult, pricey, and frequently unknowable.

Dedserve is able to offer complete technological infrastructure, as well as personnel, to assist you in lowering operational risks and ensuring that your data is processed accurately and effectively. It’s the most economical strategy, not the least because our technologies have undergone extensive testing over many years.

Automating post-trade activities, from trade entry to market data updates, is one of our services. We may schedule daily manager batch reporting to assist fund managers in choosing investments, as well as daily reconciliation of all cash and security balances for prime brokers and counterparties. Even better, we’ll proactively spot potential hazards and take steps to lessen the likelihood of fund cash movements.
You are free to concentrate on what you do best, which is selecting wise investments and controlling risk, thanks to our specialised support.