Acquisitions and Divestments

Implementing a growth or exit strategy is likely one of the most crucial decisions a firm and its stakeholders can make.
Our corporate lawyers may provide advice and support whether it entails accepting or making loan or equity investments into enterprises, carrying out a management buyout, purchasing, selling, or merging a business, or starting a joint venture with another company.
Our team of professionals is accustomed to adjusting the type and intensity of our support to meet the needs of our clients. If you are in-house counsel for your company working on an acquisition, you may require assistance with the legal due diligence procedure and report. Or you could be a tiny business owner in a completely foreign environment. It is irrelevant. We are here to assist you with the transaction.
We have also had experience working as a group of advisors. We can offer further gearing and transaction-drafting assistance if you own a professional services firm so that you can make it as cost-effective as feasible for your client.
Whatever your requirements, we will work within your time and financial limits, giving you the freedom to request as much or as little legal support and guidance as you need. We want to assist you in achieving your objective, regardless of your strategy.