Philanthropy has played a vital part in how people and families give back to their communities and the causes they believe in for ages.
Clients who wish to use their wealth to make a difference are now exposed to a surprising range of options as a result of the globalisation of society, 24-hour news media, and the spread of technology.
But giving can also have a more significant impact on a family.
By addressing current concerns that affect the entire family, philanthropy can be a terrific method to maintain intergenerational harmony in addition to allowing clients to address some of the world’s biggest problems.
A charitable endeavour may also leave behind a lasting legacy that can be continued by next generations, depending on how it is set up.

For many years, Dedserve has assisted in fostering our clients’ generosity. Here are some ways we can assist you, whether you are already engaged in charity endeavours or are looking to get started.

  • Depending on your charitable interests, assist with conducting research and locating acceptable projects.
  • Before making any investments, conduct all essential due research on the projects you want to assist, including site visits.
  • Provide guidance and assistance in selecting and establishing the most efficient structure, whether it be a trust or foundation.
  • When necessary, collaborate closely with your advisors or other outside parties, such as attorneys, tax specialists, and investment managers.
  • Sit on a charitable board with relatives or, if you wish, exercise sole discretion
  • Take on the role of a trustee and its related duties.
  • Keep an eye on the progress of the project to make sure the goals are attained and the finances are effective.
  • Supervise any required administration, including financial reporting and adherence to legal requirements

Global private wealth and philanthropy's future in 2021

In 2020, the epidemic served as an unanticipated catalyst for transformation in the world. However, one advantageous side effect has been an increase in generosity globally as well as significant modifications in the way people give.
In a groundbreaking global report, Dedserve polled 225 HNWI and UHNWI from all around the world and discovered that Covid-19 had a substantial impact on philanthropic giving, with some people boosting their donation and others decreasing it. Download the full research here to learn more about this and the reasons why over 50% plan to be more active in their philanthropy in 2021.

Focus on the regional variations in philanthropy: the Middle East, the UK, and Jersey

Our research uncovered some fascinating regional variations that affect charitable contributions. We wish to share our findings with you and welcome you to access our webinars, videos, and articles where we go in-depth on trends focusing on Jersey, the UK, and the Middle East. We’re glad you’re here to talk!