Family Business

Whether our clients are established multigenerational families or business owners, the continuing success and expansion of a company is typically the engine of wealth creation for them.
This progress always entails leaving the domestic market. The expansion of these businesses can also provide a platform for the next generation to realise their goals on their own, in a welcoming environment.
However, entering new markets might come with challenges and hazards that aren’t present in one’s native nation, particularly those related to local employment, commercial, and environmental laws and regulations. Even if the business strategy is reasonable, poorly planned implementation will result in a waste of resources and management time.

Dedserve provides a comprehensive, on-the-ground family business solution that includes: ​

  • Advice on how to use best practices and navigate the local complexities
  • Director Services are included in the whole entity setup, compliance, and governance support. ​
  • Offering HR guidelines, creating employee contracts, and offering payroll services ​
  • Complete bookkeeping, managerial accounting, reporting, and financial statement creation ​
  • Formulation, evaluation, and advising of commercial contracts.