M&A & Workforce Restructuring Implementation

When it comes to workforce restructuring and cross-border M&A transactions, dedserve has a wealth of experience assisting organisations in understanding and meeting their compliance needs. After the deal closes, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to understand your HR responsibilities in the target nation. We’ll also offer suggestions for reducing risks, ensuring compliance, and maximising any advantages based on local laws and best practises.
As always, good communication is essential for a successful staff restructuring. We’ll make sure you are aware of your responsibilities regarding employee communications and consultations and uphold best practises for communication frequency and message consistency to prevent employee confusion.
To be successful, you’ll need to ascertain the applicable employment laws that will set forth the necessary transfer paperwork and due process that you must follow when conducting the workforce transfer, as well as whether any transferring employees are covered by an industry- (or company-) specific collective bargaining agreement or groups like works councils or trade unions.
It’s equally crucial to examine the terms of the transferring employees’ current contracts to identify any duties the employer may have, including accrued rights, severance payments, supplemental benefits, and pensions, as well as to identify your liabilities. To ensure essential personnel are retained, it is frequently advantageous to assess if present supplemental benefit packages adhere to local market best practises in the business.
Finally, it’s crucial to take into account whether any transferred personnel are expats, if they have a particular immigration or work permit status, or if their employment conditions include any special tax arrangements. During restructuring, expatriate workers are sometimes forgotten about, which can result in more requirements for sponsoring and acquiring work permits as well as more unexpected costs.
We are here to assist you in navigating this challenging environment securely.