Your Chair and CEO can get guidance on best practises in corporate governance from our knowledgeable teams of chartered secretaries and company secretarial professionals, both within and outside the boardroom.
To help you reduce your company risks and maintain compliance, our teams can design and improve your corporate governance and risk management frameworks. We may offer best practises on a variety of boardroom issues and keep your executives informed about how to apply applicable codes, rules, constitutions, regulations, listing rules, powers, and processes.
On a retainer or project-by-project basis, we are able to provide an entire range of solutions. This can entail doing a corporate governance health check and gap analysis, offering advice on the makeup of your board and committees, and helping with regulatory announcements.
We are able to assess your board’s performance. We will provide new directors with statutory duty training as part of their onboarding process. We can also offer advice and direction on how to apply new corporate governance legislation, regulation, and code, as well as design portions of your annual report, strategic report, or chairperson’s script.
The list of services we can provide for you goes on and on. Regardless of your governance requirements, we can provide a custom solution that will enable your board to decide more wisely.