Wealth Succession

If you have significant assets, you should protect them for the now and the future. Because we at Dedserve are aware that every person has a unique set of personal and family business circumstances, we take the time to learn about your needs and future goals. Then, in order to verify that new and existing asset arrangements are pertinent and compliance, we will coordinate tax and legal guidance.

One of our custom succession planning options is: ​

  • Trusts with reserved powers, life interest trusts, charity trusts, VISTA trusts, and purpose trusts are examples of discretionary trusts. ​
  • Foundations for business, charity, and private wealth holding purposes ​
  • Private managed businesses include those for holding assets, owning homes, businesses, treasures like artwork, and private trust corporations. ​
  • Professional services for trust protection ​
  • Help for administration, accounting, and ongoing compliance monitoring.