Dispute Resolution – Tax Authority Audits

Fiscal authorities frequently fall behind in adjusting their local tax rules and how to implement those laws in a commercial environment that is changing quickly. Due to this, many of these agencies are focusing more of their limited resources on the audit of tax returns and statements made by businesses.
While companies may go to great lengths to ensure they are in compliance with local tax regulations, there isn’t always a clear-cut right or incorrect answer due to how these rules are interpreted and applied. There may be more than one method to understand how a law or collection of laws may be applied, the local legislation may be intentionally ambiguous or obscure, or both.
Our tax specialists can assist you if a fiscal body audits your company. We can help with managing the audit process as well as the technical components of the audit, such as determining if the local tax law has been applied correctly.
Our goal is to maintain good relations with the local authorities while obtaining the greatest results from any audit, whether it be financial or reputational.