Regulatory Compliance

The difficulty of complying with regulations has never been greater. Many new pieces of law have been introduced in recent years all around the world to increase openness, safeguard investors, and protect tax revenues. Even for something as basic as verifying clients’ identities, it can be difficult and complicated at times.
We provide a full and connected regulatory worldwide compliance solution across three core areas, and we have a network of compliance professionals in all major jurisdictions.


The Know Your Client (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) measures are managed by our local professionals in each jurisdiction, feeding data to a process we centrally administer to the highest standards. But not everything depends on human expertise. Our state-of-the-art Global AML software performs thorough checks on everyone connected to your organisation.

You can therefore be sure that your your clients are assessed thoroughly and that they adhere to the most recent regulations. This ensures that your reputation remains untarnished. 


Few industries face greater challenges than alternative investment funds as a result of the global wave of legislation that has recently swept the planet. You need a completely different organisation solely to handle the paperwork because the reporting requirements are growing quickly and standards differ between jurisdictions.
Thankfully, you have one. With a focus on the alternative asset sector, Dedserve provides a comprehensive range of customised and integrated Compliance Oversight services, including managing our own third-party alternative manager for private equity, real estate, infrastructure, and debt investment funds. Additionally, for funds that are subject to AIFMD regulation, we can serve as depositaries.


The global push for greater openness and investor protection has resulted in a tightening of the administrative web that surrounds financial services everywhere. It is imperative to comprehend and fulfil such commitments as reporting standards become more complex.

At Dedserve, we provide comprehensive Compliance support spanning the full range of regulations. Our team of reporting experts will evaluate your needs, guarantee complete compliance at every level, and relieve you of all remaining regulatory burden.