We think private equity has a lot of potential.

Impact beyond expectations through innovative, global support solutions supported by cutting-edge technology and a vibrant service culture.

Maximise your influence

Private equity built us, for private equity. Every action we take is intended to enable you to have an effect. We are spending a lot of time, effort, and money developing solutions that will make you more productive, fulfil your commitments to communities and investors, and expand your investments rapidly and ethically around the globe.

Exceeding expectations with impact

We are aware of the requirements for exceeding expectations. We base our solutions on three fundamental tenets to assist you in acting promptly and responsibly:

You can find everything you need almost anywhere.

Access our comprehensive service knowledge, which spans 45+ jurisdictions and every market in the world. We assist you in staying abreast of prices and requirements.

Electronic effectiveness and transparency

In just a few clicks, you may access all the information you and your investors need. Your investor experience will be streamlined, and your back-end processes will be optimised.

A culture of service focused on impact

Act quickly on deals with 24/7 assistance for you and your investors since meaningful investing necessitates more than just a 9 to 5 job.






Supporting 66% of the top 300 PE firms


Private equity assets under administration

Our Services


A team of fund service experts created to assist your organisational structure and operational requirements can shorten lead times and lower risks from incorporation to launch. Make sure you’re set up to maximise value by incorporating an intuitive fund platform, efficient investor onboarding, and due diligence.


With the help of our globally linked, locally connected fund management professionals, expand your capabilities and carry out your investments more effectively. Our intelligent technology will also instantly give you full visibility and control over your regulatory requirements so you can put more effort into increasing your investments.


With multiple levels of ownership and a lot of operational processes, investment structures can be challenging and time-consuming. We guarantee that you can maintain complete control of your structures with the help of a team that can assist with your operational problems, financial statements, and a variety of investor requirements.


Make your exit simple with the help of our team of specialists in divestiture and liquidation. Simplify intercompany balances, identify any legal or accounting barriers to a seamless sale, and make sure your data is reliable and consistent. You may anticipate a quick, effective procedure when our liquidation team handles the conclusion of the life cycle, allowing you to start concentrating on your next business endeavour.