Payments & Payroll

The movement of money is essential to every business. At the best of times, it is also extremely complicated. Operating across borders makes things even messier, which may happen very fast.

At Dedserve, we have both the international and local experience necessary to provide a comprehensive solution in any matter relating to sending and receiving payments. We can assist you with opening bank accounts, which can take time, especially if you’re doing it abroad. We can help with accounts payable and receivable, taking on all the stress of vendor relationships and ensuring that your clients are accurately invoiced and their payments are received and reconciled promptly.

Additionally, we’ll guarantee that your payroll systems are reliable and adhere to local legislation.
You experience the added difficulty of having to understand local currencies and banking rules as your activities grow to take advantage of opportunities in many nations. We’ll keep you up to date on neighbourhood policies and ordinances. Additionally, we’ll handle your overseas payments in the most straightforward manner possible to spare you from dealing with complicated banking systems or fluctuating currency conversion rates.
Our solutions may be customised to meet any need, no matter how big or small, in any location.