We work with a wide spectrum of clients, from established organisations with global reach to more compact, innovative start-ups. Nevertheless, one thing holds true for everybody, regardless of size: details are important when it comes to legal matters. Here, even the smallest errors can contribute to major issues.
We provide three essential legal advising services to make sure that doesn’t happen to your company.

Commercial and regulation

Our experienced staff will devote themselves to making sure that every single comma in your documents is accurate. Regardless of your spending limit or risk tolerance, our skilled lawyers will review your contracts to make sure the terms are in your best interest and, if necessary, will negotiate for better terms while foreseeing and avoiding any contractual issues.
We take the same care when creating commercial agreements, conditions, and rules, such as purchase agreements or software licences. Additionally, we can offer advice on intellectual property protection, whether it be helping tech start-ups or performing due diligence during M&As.


For the uninitiated, employment law can be a minefield. Assure that you are in compliance with a wide range of laws, establish terms and contracts for employees that are impenetrable, and stay on the right side of workers’ rights. Different standards apply in various jurisdictions.
We have one of the greatest employment law teams in the world. We provide specialised assistance with everything from creating executive contracts and service agreements to monitoring how your senior staff members handle confidential information about your business, both while they are employed by you and after they leave.

Corporate & boards

Putting the ideal structure in place from the beginning can offer your venture the best start possible, regardless of whether you’re a limited partnership, social enterprise, sole trader, or expanding across the globe.
However, life doesn’t end there. To manage costs, plan for succession, or increase revenue, you might soon be looking to reorganise your company or change the corporate group structure. You might be taking part in acquisitions and divestitures or streamlining your organisational structure for improved efficiency. Regardless of the modification’s nature, our team of highly experienced legal specialists will collaborate with you to scope, analyse, plan, and carry out the change.
We can assist your board as well. It becomes sense to conduct extensive examinations of your corporate governance in light of the growing public scrutiny of company choices. Whatever your needs, we are flexible enough to provide as much legal counsel and help as you need while working within your time and financial limits. You will be liberated to succeed once the appropriate framework is in place. ​