Statutory Compliance

There is no space for error in a compliance landscape that is continuously changing. You need to feel secure in your care so that you may focus on seizing chances when they present themselves.

At Dedserve, we provide a broad range of statutory compliance services in three major areas because we know what it takes to be exacting and detailed.


To exceed our clients’ highest expectations, we continually execute. Additionally, we take a comprehensive approach to what is occurring both globally and locally, which is even more crucial in the context of contemporary accounting.
We make sure that your records, statements, and reports correspond to both local norms and the essential international formats, from accounting to financial reporting. In a number of jurisdictions, we offer local statutory audit services, and if necessary, we may recommend a dependable local partner.


In every country we do business in, we provide corporate administrative services to make sure your company’s documents and registrations comply with local laws.
We offer company secretarial, statutory document management, and annual renewal services to meet a variety of legal obligations. We also provide a 24/7 international process agent service for handling and sending legal documents. The time, space, and peace of mind provided by our Registers services allow you to make your most crucial decisions more quickly and confidently.


Dealing with tax authorities and filing taxes may be a difficult procedure, especially when doing it internationally. Even for organisations with in-house professionals, it might be challenging because of the requirement to comprehend local laws, customs, and language. You require specialised support when errors could result in significant penalties and legal ramifications.
Our specialised Taxation team is qualified and empowered to handle the essentials and decrease your exposure to that risk thanks to our worldwide network and local experience. We provide direct and indirect tax return preparation, filing, and tax liability computation services. To handle the intricate US Audit Partnership requirements, we can serve as the Partnership Representative. Additionally, we provide comprehensive support for the procedural aspects of managing audits, compliance checks, and other official inquiries in addition to support for dispute settlement.