Transparency and meticulous reporting are important when managing broad and complicated portfolios of managed accounts. But time spent on administration and time-consuming reports tends to distract from the preferred emphasis on analysing and choosing funds.

At Dedserve, we provide highly individualised services of the greatest calibre, together with a professional period-end procedure that ensures you’ll fulfil your deadlines. By assets under management, we are among the top fund administration service providers worldwide (AuA). ​

We offer the instruments, openness, and reporting you require to manage intricate and varied portfolios. As a result, you may concentrate on what really matters rather than on paperwork and reporting.
In accordance with your required accounting standards, including local GAAP, US and UK GAAP, and IFRS, as well as necessary industry reporting standards like ILPA, INREV, and EVCA/Invest Europe reporting, our accounting teams are fully qualified and experts in preparing fund reporting and financial statements.
For office, retail, industrial, mixed-use, and multi-family facilities, we offer asset-level services in the form of transactional processing, such as rental income, maintenance fees, and property tax, and the creation of financial statements. We lead the market in providing fully integrated property accounting services on a global scale.
Our accounting experts compute the net asset value (NAV) of the fund for you by taking into account the investments in your fund, the impact of currency exchange, and any fees and charges.