Indirect Tax Returns

If you engage in commercial activity in a particular nation, you can be required to charge the goods and services you provide there with an indirect tax, like a value-added tax. Additionally, you might be required to pay those taxes on the goods and services you buy abroad.
The next step is to report this information to the appropriate tax authority by filing tax returns, and either pay the indirect taxes you withheld from client payments or request a refund of the taxes your company paid on purchases. Simple enough in theory, but quite challenging in practise.

Wherever you are in the world, Dedserve’s teams of tax compliance experts will provide you with the finest guidance on precisely what data your company has to disclose and how to do so, as well as on how to calculate your indirect tax liabilities and refunds.

We can assist you with filing all indirect tax returns with the appropriate local tax authorities. Additionally, we are able to perform any additional forms related to the local reporting of sales and acquisitions of goods and services, such as customs declarations and EU Sales Listings.
Our indirect tax return solution supports you wherever you’re carrying out your business. We’ll assist you with local knowledge and up-to-date information on your local indirect tax compliance obligations. Additionally, you will have total insight into all of your international indirect tax filing requirements using our specialised workflow and deadline management tool, the Global Compliance Application, as well as regular status updates on their status.