The detective work involved in investor due diligence may be tedious and irritating for you as a fund manager, especially if you’re under time constraints.
Therefore, you require an administrator who is able to quickly gather the essential data and handle it while also being aware of the legal standards around investor due diligence.

With a network of experts in all significant jurisdictions, we provide a connected, international compliance service. The Know Your Client (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations for your investors around the world are managed locally by specialists, with central coordination provided by your committed Dedserve team. This results in a quick, organised service that is considerate of everyone’s demands.

But our research goes beyond what our teams are skilled at. Our Global AML platform, which is part of our service to the larger corporate world, combines searches on people, firms, and the key decision-makers who run them to give you immediate results on politically exposed persons (PEPs), sanctions, and negative media checks.
You can be confident that no one is utilising your operations for evil, and that this is completely obvious to the authorities who need to know, thanks to the combined reach of our due diligence experience and technology.