Your structure. Your way.

The underlying assets for structured finance are developing quickly and are continually changing. To comprehend your demands and collaborate with you to develop a solution that meets your precise specifications, you need a partner with decades of experience. Here Dedserve law can be of assistance.

Things can rapidly become complicated when you’re investigating new possibilities in securitization and structured finance, whether it’s due to regulatory limits or the practical difficulties of arranging a deal. It frequently changes quickly.

Throughout the course of the transaction, these difficulties may arise from a variety of sources. And it’s not always only about the deal’s complexity; other times, it’s just about access to the market and speed. You need an administrative partner who can guide you through every issue, regardless of the market conditions. A partner who is aware of the particular demands of your transaction and who works with you to create a solution that meets those needs and takes advantage of every opportunity.

With a presence across all major jurisdictions, we combine decades of global expertise with deep local knowledge to create bespoke services and solutions. 

Put our team to work for you

Right place, right time

Securitization and structured finance are genuinely global industries, so if you develop internationally or locally, you'll need a partner who can travel with you along the way. No matter the time zone or location, we are here for you, offering professional solutions tailored to your precise needs.

Customised for you

Whether you need financial assistance, want to establish a particular vehicle, or need administrative support, you need a solution that meets your demands and achieves your objectives. You may easily complete even the most complex and sophisticated transactions thanks to our tailored solutions.

Traditional and new

We change along with the underlying assets you have. Our expertise spans all asset classes, including newer ones driven by fintech and ESG as well as more established ones like mortgages, auto loans, and aeroplane leasing. We are a group you can rely on, with experience in all major international capital markets.

Our services

All aspects of your transaction’s lifecycle—from SPV structuring, asset management, waterfall calculations, investor reporting, and financial statement preparation to regulatory compliance—are handled by us in a seamless and expert manner.






Asset Backed Securities (ABS)

The underlying assets of your securitization, whether they be auto loans, real estate loans, trade receivables, non-performing loans, repacks, or new age asset classes, will continue to get more sophisticated and complex as the ABS market expands. It’s crucial to have a business partner who fully comprehends both the market and your transaction. Our international team has extensive in setting up and managing ABS transactions. We are also as efficient and customised as you require. Whether it’s waterfall calculations or SPV structure, we’ll take the time to comprehend your transaction and develop a customised solution for you.

Collateralised Loan Obligations (CLOs)

You need an effective administrator of your trading operations because the CLO market is still resilient and strong. one that provides custom solutions created to fit your processes and needs. We have the specialised teams to assist with everything from setting up and managing the issuing vehicle to managing the underlying loan portfolios. We collaborate across time zones and are prepared to use our knowledge and technological prowess to provide you with a distinctive blend of front, middle, and back-office experience for CLO and Debt fund managers worldwide. You are then free to concentrate on grasping your chance.


Our team has over 20 years of experience providing bespoke solutions across aircraft acquisition and leasing support, warehousing, lease administration, cash management, waterfall calculations, investor reporting, along with fiduciary and financial accounting services. We are the market leader in aviation finance services. In addition, we possess a sizeable market share in the highly specialised and collaborative position of managing agent for Global Aircraft Leasing ABS.

We provide solutions and collaborate with all major international lessors, investors, issuers, and private equity forms in connection to portfolios of high-ticket transportation assets, aviation assets, and commercial aircrafts thanks to our dedicated staff of 150 aviation specialists.