Global Entity Governance

Supporting expanding businesses to centrally manage their intricate cross-border entity management requirements - aiding in avoiding fines and safeguarding reputational harm.

As businesses grow internationally, often quickly, managing reporting and compliance requirements while preserving good standing for every entity becomes increasingly complex – especially as local rules and regulations vary significantly from one country to another. 

As a result, governance and management processes can become disjointed and difficult to control. Lack of established or updated procedures can lead to risks of non-compliance, fines and reputational damage – all of which can have lasting and substantial impacts on the business and individuals.

Trust us to give you greater global control

Expert global management and coordination

Efficient and streamlined processes

Global reach and local expertise

Consistent and controlled fees

Technology-enabled global compliance tools

Reputational protection and peace of mind

Why partner with us?

Dedicated global management team

With a committed group of international professionals stationed in the appropriate time zone, we give you the reins and work to bring your entire organisation into global harmony. Our professionals ensure that you have access to local expert knowledge when you need it and deliver consistent service standards and practises.

Technology Enabled, Software Agnostic

Real-time, consolidated data on the compliance standing of each of your organisations is provided by our global compliance software. You are constantly kept up to date on local legal, governmental, and regulatory developments. We provide you with direction on what to do and how to do it, ensuring that all deadlines are met, yearly meetings are scheduled, and corporate books are kept up to date. Your preferred technology is also taken into account by our operational model.

Everywhere you need us to be

Our global compliance team, together with their expanded network, includes highly skilled tax and accounting experts as well as company secretarial specialists with knowledge of more than 45 jurisdictions. They make certain that you are fully in charge of and comprehend your obligations under international law.

Fixed Fees, Global Framework Agreement

Our global framework agreement and fixed-fee pricing model are intended for multinationals who value simplicity, consistency, and control. Consolidated billing is what we provide you; a single invoice may be generated for all markets in a single currency.

How it works

Entity health check

In order to reduce the danger of penalties and reputational harm, we assist you in identifying pressing compliance issues.

Annual compliance package

Our suite of services is designed to fulfil year-round global entity obligations to ensure that all entities remain compliant.

One off events

Our flexible services allow you to add one-time projects and events as needed, from director training to full board support.