Fund administration services

We relieve you of the back office burden so you can concentrate on generating returns. For a free consultation, contact our fund administration specialists.

Your fund admin. Your way.

Any money management is challenging. You will encounter even more complexity if you are an established fund or you want to start a new fund, grow your investor network, or operate in different jurisdictions. It takes a lot of time and effort to manage new legislation, operational difficulties, and unfamiliar investor interactions.

The fund administration services provided by Dedserve law help you operate more efficiently while reducing your administrative workload. We provide fund accounting and reporting (including ESG reporting), investor reporting, and regulatory and compliance services as an extension of your back office. Because of our flexibility, you can select only the services you require.

Additionally, everything gets started with a smooth onboarding procedure, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best—maximizing your capital.

Dedserve’s fund administration services

Service. Delivered.

When you pay for a service, you want to experience a sense of community. Our fund administration solutions are therefore adapted to the unique requirements of your fund. You will have a single relationship manager who is solely responsible for your account, so you know you're in good hands from onboarding to investor relations.

Resources. Boosted.

Gains are always the main focus of fund management. We have specialised teams that can upweight your internal staff and operate in over 45 jurisdictions. As your fund grows, you can put our vast resources to work for you.

Operational Risk. Reduced.

Observing regulatory requirements is one thing, but understanding and carrying them out is quite another. As you expand, we'll assist you in creating the procedures and policies you need to reduce your risks.

Investors. Managed.

You must make sure that investors are given the care and consideration they merit given their increasing demands. Our investor relations team and specialised tech solutions can help with it. We give you the resources you need to establish strong customer connections, from onboarding through reporting.

Unknowns. Known.

Keeping up with the most recent technological advancements, legal obligations, and operational best practises can be challenging. Our team is aware of every situation and difficulty and will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

Fund operations. Sorted.

Whatever obstacles your fund faces, we have the know-how, resources, and technology to help you achieve your objectives and satisfy your investors. Make sure your fund is receiving the finest support possible as it develops, including fund accounting, investor services and reporting, and regulatory and compliance services, to help you realise your growth goals.

Our technology gives you control

You need efficient ways to manage it all, no matter where you are, because investors and investments may be found all over the world. As a result, technology plays a crucial role in our fund administration services. Our Vfunds and GCA platforms provide you total control over your funds, with features like customizable dashboards that interact with Investran, revealing the success of your investments, and comprehensive views of your regulatory and compliance duties.

Purposeful investing: ESG compliance, due diligence and beyond

The days of focusing simply on the bottom line in private equity are over. Nowadays, social and environmental responsibility are just as important to success as revenue growth in the realm of meaningful investing. A renowned ESG specialist from the Turnkey Group and private equity and capital markets experts from Dedserve law discuss how to successfully navigate the realm of purposeful investment in this webinar.