Merger and acquisition support services

Drive efficiency, meet deadlines and avoid costly delays across new entity formation and TSA transition of back office functions for multi-country carve-out transaction. Speak to our M&A experts for a free consultation.

Merging with, or acquiring another company or carve-out can be a lucrative growth opportunity, but it doesn’t come without risk. And this risk can be even higher when doing it across different borders. It’s therefore essential that you have the right M&A support services and processes in place to help you succeed.

From bidding for the target to getting the deal over the line and making your investment pay off, we can help you plan, prepare and execute. Our team of cross-border M&A experts are here to support you:

  • Form legal entities
  • Ensure all deadlines are met pre-transaction close
  • Build efficient global back office operating models during a transition services agreement (TSA)
  • Provide governance solutions with managed risk
  • Realise cost savings during and post close

Our M&A service support team has in-depth knowledge and expertise across major markets to help you throughout each phase of the transaction, stand up the entire operating structure and most importantly set up a turnkey global back office.  

In order to reduce risk and increase your chances of success, it's crucial to conduct extensive due diligence. You should also have the correct integration model, financial details, and regulatory expertise in place.

Why Dedserve’s

Transactions. Simplified.

Knowing you have one dependable service partner can increase efficiency and hasten closing in an M&A deal because there are so many parties involved.

Deadlines. Met.

With Dedserve's M&A and local country experience, you may avoid costly fines for missing the closing date or TSA modifications.

Costs. Reduced.

We can assist you in phasing out TSA before it becomes necessary, allowing you to save money and provide even more alpha to your investors.

Technology. Delivered.

The buyer, legal counsel, and other advisers have access to all the information they require at their fingertips thanks to our innovative Global Compliance App software platform, which lowers complexity and boosts efficiency.

Reach. Further.

We have local presence in more than 45 of the 100 countries where we can assist you with execution. Wherever opportunities present themselves, our professionals have the knowledge to guide you through them.

And much more.

We offer a variety of services that are all suited to your needs to assist you at every level of the M&A transaction process.