Virtual Private Office

A single point of contact can receive all the services your private family office would typically provide, anywhere in the world. You have access to a specialised global network of advisors through Dedserve’s Virtual Private Office, who are aware of your interests and those of your family.

Together, we develop and provide the services you require that are in line with your beliefs, protecting your privacy and ensuring prosperity for future generations. Our experts will assist you in all facets of your wealth planning, from asset sourcing, protection, and management to providing the infrastructure to support global expansion.


Whether you want to use what you've created for a greater good or carve out your own path within the legacy of your family, we develop individualised structures to help you achieve your objectives, whether they are business-related or charitable.


On local best practice and navigation through local complexities.


Complete bookkeeping, managerial accounting, and reporting, as well as financial statement preparation


providing full entity setup, support for compliance and governance, including director services.


Assistance and review of commercial contracts and financing documentation


Provision of HR policies, drafting of employment contracts and payroll services.


We have the knowledge network to advise you, and your family, on the best way to protect what you’ve worked so hard for. Connect with experts all over the world, and seize the right opportunities for you.


Discretionary trusts, reserved powers trusts, life interest trusts, charitable trusts, VISTA trusts, STAR trusts and purpose trusts.


Professional trust protector services.


For charitable, private wealth holding, and business interests.


Ongoing compliance monitoring, administration, and accounting support.


Privately managed businesses: for asset keeping, real estate (both residential and commercial), art, and valuables.


Whatever your future goals, we customise your succession plan to provide you peace of mind. Together, we make sure that your wealth and your values continue to support the individuals and causes that are important to you for many years to come. Be brave and leave a lasting legacy.


Decide what fundamental ideals and tenets guide the way your wealth is used.


putting in place systems to involve every member of the family in the business.


Drafting a family charter or constitution in conjunction with family members and advisers.


Implementation of an ongoing monitoring programme.


Ensuring principles are embedded within the decision-making frameworks of ownership and succession-planning structures.